Once you know what material is needed, have your institution send it to us as soon as possible. We process requests in the order that we receive them, so we suggest sending in requests one month prior to the required date or earlier. However, do not let that stop you from sending in requests later, because if we already have it, you will be able to get it within only a day or two or we may be able to produce it quickly, depending on the format.

When your material is available we will send an email and then you will be able to access it at

Online Request

Coordinators can fill out the online request form once a user is registered with us. For non-standard material, such as examinations, please contact us directly.

Partners can fill out the form at any time, but should search the catalogue to see if the item is already available.

Availability of Different Format or Edition

If a text is available, but not in the edition or format requested, we will let you know and ask whether it is acceptable. If yes, then we will send it to you right away. If not, we will have to produce it.

Producing Material

If your request is unavailable, then we will ask you to send us a new copy of the text. Please be aware that we will need to cut the binding, but we will rebind and send the text back if you request it.

Once we receive it, we will put it into our production queue. However, if we need more information, please respond as soon as possible so that we can put the text into the queue.

If you have any special instructions or needs, such as figures descriptions, please include the information in your request. Let us know if the additional instructions are needed for all present and future requests, then we will add it to the user’s file.

Need it Sooner?

While your place in the queue will not change, if you send in a reading list (or course outline), we can produce the chapters you need first according to the dates provided.

If you are waiting for e-text, you may also request the PDF or unedited (provisional) e-text sent to you first to use while you wait.

Reading List Requirement

In many cases where a text needs to be edited before sending the text to you, we will require that a course outline or reading list is sent to us with a list of the chapters or pages that are needed, preferably with dates when they will be used.

Weekly Reports for Coordinators

Coordinators can now log on to check all of their requests. Go to to log on and view your requests.