Download & use mp3s

We produce one mp3 file for each page so that you’re able to navigate to a specific page. When we send these files we put them in a zip folder to keep them together. Here’s how to download these files and use them.

1. Click on the folder icon of each file to download the files. You will be prompted to save these files.
2. Next, click on the zipped folder. This will open all the files in an “unzip” window.
3. Select “Unzip All”.
4. Choose a place to save the unzipped files.
5. Keep all of the mp3 file folders together, as they have been organized in their chapter folders. The file “mp3tag.m3u” or “playlist.m3u” contains a detailed playlist of all of the files so that you can read it in order, so long as all of the parent folders remain in the same directory.

When listening to the files in iTunes or another mp3 player, please keep the “shuffle” or “randomize” function turned off.