Print Book Shipments and Returns

1. All parcels should be shipped to:

100 West 49th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 2Z6

2. Parcels should not be addressed to the student, the student’s name should not appear anywhere in the address – even if the Langara College address is correct, our shipping and receiving department will reject parcels if they are addressed to someone who is not employed at the College.

Download and fill out the CAPER-BC Mail Form (PDF)

3. When shipping a book to CAPER-BC, the student (or Accessibility Services staff member) should let us know that a parcel is on its way. This can be done by sending an email (preferably with tracking information) to CAPER-BC staff is only allowed to work on campus when absolutely necessary, so staff will only be in the office on days when we are expecting delivery of parcels.

4. If purchasing and packing up books for shipping themselves, students must take care to properly package items to reduce the risk of damage in shipping. Students should also understand how long the shipping method they choose will take, and plan accordingly. Items shipped via Express Post or courier will arrive faster than those sent via regular post.

5. It’s best for CAPER-BC to send print items back to you in the Accessibility office and have you return them to the student (as per our normal procedures). We understand this may not be possible in all situations, so if necessary we will return ship items directly to the student. The student will need to provide us with their correct return mailing address, and we cannot be responsible for items that are lost in the post.

6. Due to the need to allow parcels to rest prior to handling, the reduced presence of staff in the office, and the extra work for CAPER-BC staff to send books back to the student directly (if necessary), processing of physical books will take longer than normal.