Download files to an iPad

It’s more reliable to download files to your computer and move them to your iPad. If this isn’t an option, here are two ways to download and access your files to an iPad.

Option 1: Access the files directly from TitanFile.

1. On the iPad App Store, download an unzipping program, such as iZip.

2. Sign in to the e-mail account that has the the email from TitanFile. Open the e-mail sent from Click on the big green button labeled, “Access Files”. This will open Safari and take you to the TitanFile screen.


4. Click on the yellow folder symbol at the bottom of the message. This will open a new window in Safari and may take a couple of minutes.


6. When the file is finished loading, the screen will display a file symbol labeled “zip”, with the title of the file just below, in the centre of the screen. Below that are your options. Select “Open in iZip”.


7. Your iPad will automatically take you to your unzipping program. Selecting the file there should prompt you to “extract all the files”. Select “OK”.



8. This will now unzip the files. Selecting each file should give you the option to “Open in…”. Now select the program you wish to “read” the files in, such as iBooks, ClaroSpeak or Voice Dream.


9. You can now read these files on your iPad.

Option 2: Use a Cloud storage app, such as Dropbox.

1. Download and unzip the files on your computer.

2. Sign up for a cloud storage app, like Dropbox.

3. Upload the files from your computer to the storage app’s website, like


4. Download the cloud storage app on your iPad.

5. Open your storage app on your iPad. You should be able to see the files you uploaded from your computer.


6. To read a file, select the app you wish to view the files in, such as iBooks or Voice Dream. This will open the file in that app.


7. You can now read these files on your iPad.