E-text, or electronic text, looks like a Word document. It is one linear text file without images, tables, graphs, or charts. There are many formats of e-text, but we generally produce e-text in MS Word format (.docx).

E-text is ideal for people who want to use a screen reader, use text to speech software or use braille devices. However, e-text does not include any images, only the captions or descriptions from the original. As it edited using standard tags by a staff member, it takes longer to produce than PDF. On average it takes CAPER-BC 12.5 days to produce an e-text.


If required, e-text can also be converted to one of the following e-book formats typically in cases where e-text will not work.


EPub (.epub) is an e-book format that can be viewed on various e-book readers, tablets, and smartphones using a built-in program or app. To view ePub on computers, software may need to be installed.


Mobipocket (.mobi) is a e-book format that can be viewed on a Kindle e-book reader or with the appropriate installed software, can be viewed on various tablets, smartphones and computers.